TG Training and Education

No matter what you do, I can be of service to your organization. But first you (and your team) have to want to evolve. Big difference between lip service and action. Bottom line: you have to want to shift your status quo.

Here’s a secret – even if everything is rolling along just fine, your now, your status quo, will benefit from a shift. Kind of like fashion, a good business is always trying to stay a step ahead of the trends.

Your future success will not be determined by your past accomplishments. Nope.

I make my living as a freelance retail trainer/educator. Most of my experience has been in the specialty run world, but that’s only because I was in that industry for a good portion of my career. Make no mistake, my message transcends this industry. Good service is good service. In a tech-heavy world, we could all use some practice in human connection.

My workshops are dynamic, inspirational, and wildly informative. Each comes with a (free) one-on-one follow-up for all attendees. My background as a classroom teacher makes it impossible for me to be a one-and-done sort of trainer. I want material to stick and know that follow-up is necessary.

I’m branching out and would like your help. If you or someone you know is looking for help growing their team, business, or organization to the next level, hit me up. If your referral results in a proper booking, you’ll get a $150 finder’s fee. Really, it’s the least I can do for your marketing effort.

I absolutely love what I do. LOVE. Just so happens (and I’m not bragging here) that I’m amazing at doing it, too. This is a big time bonus for everyone involved.

Thanks for helping me grow my venture! Hope to hear from you or your people.


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