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Not Cool Enough, Apparently

No greeting as we walked in. No acknowledgment of any kind, really. At least three staffers, though. One working on a nesting table’s display of floating rose petals, one standing behind the check-out counter, the third sitting on a chair in the shoe area, chatting with two people while one browses a selection of mark-downs. A sign that said “50% off all men’s shoes” is what brought … Continue reading Not Cool Enough, Apparently


Retail Wide Open

I can’t say for sure, but my guess is that Facebook’s algorithms noticed I wear glasses and sent my information to the online eyewear retailer, Warby Parker. Along with ads for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign and Johnnie Walker, I started regularly seeing Warby Parker info pop into my newsfeed. Eventually I gave it a click and all I can say is wow. Just wow. For … Continue reading Retail Wide Open


Some Kind of Language Lesson

Tall Larry, a cowboy without a hat, reached for the handset and the room fell to a hush. “OK, I’ve got some news for ya’ll, and it ain’t that pretty…” Our plane was right there, our pilots ready to go, but we were missing one crew member and couldn’t leave without them. Someone in the crowd interrupted, “I can do it.” Larry’s response: “You’re killin’ … Continue reading Some Kind of Language Lesson


To Get Home

Yesterday was a true color day for anyone traveling on Southwest Airlines. A day when both the Southwest brand as a whole and its patrons were forced to decide how they would handle a “technology problem” which, more than anything else, resembled a bad end-of-days movie. I imagined this was how airports around the country erupted on 9/11. Or how they would look if the … Continue reading To Get Home