Three Cheers for Osteochondral Defects

It’s like the VA hospital just opened. Only two smokers out front and the usual guy looking confused on the bench near the main doors is absent. We say hello to an old vet as we enter. He’s missing both legs from the knee down. Fresh bandages, seeping. A dingy, dark blue USS something hat barely sits on his bald head. Kidney spots. In his mind … Continue reading Three Cheers for Osteochondral Defects


Unpacking My Bags

I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to arrange what’s in my mind. On Thursday, September 2, 2016, the 20 year old Stanford student who raped a woman while she was passed-out drunk got out of prison after serving three months for his crime. Three months. During summer break, no less. This young man spent an insulting 90-days behind bars after brutally imposing … Continue reading Unpacking My Bags


The Smallest Gestures

We remember things. The smallest things. In fact, these small things are often what we remember the most. Like when my grandfather stooped down to tell eight-year-old me to always keep a bag packed because you never know when you’ll need to up and go. I had no idea what he meant, but I can picture his eyes, pleading and wide, waiting for me to … Continue reading The Smallest Gestures

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Running My First Marathon

Twenty five years ago this month, Chaplain (Captain) Mike Suttle of Little Rock, Arkansas asked me if I wanted to join him in the 1991 running of the Frankfurt Marathon, our entry fees fully paid for by USAREUR (US Army Europe). At the time, I was a Private First Class (E-3) and Chaplain Suttle’s driver (our CUCVEE was aptly named “The Holy Roller”). He wanted … Continue reading Running My First Marathon

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Not Cool Enough, Apparently

No greeting as we walked in. No acknowledgment of any kind, really. At least three staffers, though. One working on a nesting table’s display of floating rose petals, one standing behind the check-out counter, the third sitting on a chair in the shoe area, chatting with two people while one browses a selection of mark-downs. A sign that said “50% off all men’s shoes” is what brought … Continue reading Not Cool Enough, Apparently