About Tom Griffen

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In 2016, I started TG Training & Education. I work with businesses and individuals who want to raise the bar.

WHY I DO WHAT I DO: I believe a minor shift in your story can change the outcome of your life. I am passionate to help you rewrite your narrative and become wildly successful.

I WILL HELP YOU: (1) Tweak the status quo, (2) Reinvent yourself, and (3) Increase sales by increasing team confidence and competence.

If you are a business owner, these intangibles are often overlooked. But they are exactly what makes you memorable to customers. Focusing on such “soft” details will increase overall efficiency and strengthen the bottom line.

I can also help you with plenty more (ie. sell more stuff, retain customers, create authentic connections, practice personal vulnerability, etc.), but we’ll start our relationship by first taking a look at your story.


Between 1994-2005, I was a classroom teacher in California. I started as an elementary physical education instructor but quickly moved on to middle and high school special education (SED). Hardest job I ever had, but also the most rewarding.

In 2005, I left teaching to work in the running industry. I took a position as a floor staffer at Fleet Feet Sports in Sacramento, then later managed Fleet Feet Sports Aptos as one of the franchise development company’s first equity operators. I eventually moved to North Carolina to work with Fleet Feet Incorporated. As the national director of education I led workshops and created the organization’s first online training tool.

I left Fleet Feet in 2012 to pursue my life-long dream of earning a Masters degree in creative writing. Upon my graduation in 2015, I dabbled as a freelance trainer and found my calling.

My background is eclectic enough to connect with just about anyone. My past includes a jumble of stints in additional industries: construction, warehousing, recreation, commercial fishing, archaeology, and food service. I also served in the Army from 1990-96.

My message, however, is 100% universal and not specific to any particular trade.

I am also a writer, artist, spoon-carver, and adventurer. I live in Carrboro, North Carolina.


Heads up! In January, 2018 I began a walk across America.

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