About Tom

My 8th grade teacher told me I’m “too romantic for science.” He was right.

I am a writer and I dabble in all genres. I am also a consultant, coach, storyteller, and lifelong teacher. In all cases I am thrilled by discovery. If I haven’t been there, I want to go. Literally and figuratively.

I believe life’s too short to sit back and watch it go by. I prefer to seek out purposefully vulnerable experiences. I don’t intend to be ordinary.

I believe happiness matters. I believe the most important moment is right now. I want to help others move forward on their journey. I regularly try to remind myself that it’s not about me.

In 2018 I walked across the United States. In 2019 I walked all the streets in my (then) hometown, Carrboro, NC. Right now I’m walking all the streets in Spokane.

Someday I’ll walk the AT, PCT, and Camino de Santiago. Someday I’ll walk the Pan American Highway. Someday I’ll start a walk and never stop.

Reach out. I want to hear from you.

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