About Tom Griffen

WHY: I believe that genuine happiness matters. I believe the most important moment is the one happening right now. I believe we are always stronger together.

HOW: I use storytelling, active listening, dynamic presentation, and purposeful vulnerability to create authentic human connections and transformative learning moments.

WHAT: I work with organizations and individuals to help them tap into their best self, thus benefitting everything with which they interact.

A BRIEF BIO: Between 1994-2005, I was a classroom teacher. I started as a PE instructor and progressed into middle and high school special education. I left teaching to work in the running industry. I took a position as a floor staffer at Fleet Feet Sports in Sacramento, then later managed Fleet Feet Sports Aptos (CA) as one of the company’s first equity operators. I eventually moved to North Carolina to work with Fleet Feet Incorporated. As the national director of education I led workshops and created the organization’s first online training tool.

I left Fleet Feet in 2012 to pursue a Masters degree in creative writing. Upon my graduation in 2015, I found my calling combining my love for writing/content creation with training and public speaking. Though I work predominately with retailers, my message is applicable to all fields where service is the focus.

I am also an artist, spoon-carver, reflexologist, and worldwide adventurer.

In 2018 I walked across the USA.