About TG

Tom Griffen is founder of TG Training & Education, a small agency that delivers dynamic training content and consulting services to organizations and individuals looking to raise the bar.

Between 1994-2005, Tom waa classroom teacher. Started as a PE instructor and progressed into middle and high school special education. He left teaching to work at as a floor staffer at Fleet Feet Sacramento. Later he managed Fleet Feet Aptos as one of the organization’s first equity operators. Tom eventually moved to North Carolina to work with Fleet Feet Incorporated as the national director of education. There Tom led workshops and created the company’s first online training tool.

Tom left Fleet Feet in 2012 to pursue a Masters in creative writing (poetry). Upon his graduation in 2015, he dialed in the things he loves the most: travel, writing, and helping develop people. He then created a business that seeks to do just that. Though he works predominately with specialty retailers, his message and training offerings are applicable to any field where service and human connection is the main focus.


WHY TOM DOES WHAT HE DOES: Tom believes genuine happiness matters. He believes the most important moment is the one happening right now. Tom wants to make the most of the now and, if possible, use his skills to help someone move forward on their journey.

HOW HE DOES WHAT HE DOES: Tom uses storytelling, active listening, dynamic presentation, and purposeful vulnerability to create authentic human connections and transformative learning moments.

WHAT HE DOES: Tom presents keynotes, workshops, and training sessions to organizations and individuals in order to help participants tap into their best selves, thus benefitting both their professional and personal lives.

Tom is also also a writer, artist, and adventurer. In 2018 he walked across the United States. In 2019 he walked all the streets in his hometown.

Life is short and Tom intends to live large. He’d love to help you do the same!