What’s Important? You.

Hello there.

Right now I am in the midst of a 2 week vacation. And though it feels like I’ve barely started, I’m already 5 days into it. I’m doing my best to prolong the time off—waking up earlier than usual and trying to fill every hour with projects and chores needing attention. So far I’ve made zero progress on the main items on my list and, instead, taken an abundance of naps. Which makes me wonder about the things I think are important versus what actually is. 

What is actually important…that’s a profound question, isn’t it?

Blame coronavirus or whatever, but lately I think more about how things will affect my peace of mind than how they’ll benefit my bank account. Don’t get me wrong, I need to draw an income, but dollars don’t necessarily drive me. The hot fires in my belly do—human connection, deep relationships, an invigorating home, good health, close proximity to a good cafe (and brewery). A yard and garden, perhaps. My affair with money is healthier when I keep it at a distance. I believe if I put effort into things I love, money will find me. 

This era has forced me to more deeply consider the details of my relationships with family, friends, jobs, hobbies, technology, savings accounts, time, privilege, geographical location, and probably most importantly, my relationship with myself. I’m constantly reflecting on questions like, “Is this a goal I truly want?” or, “Am I truly happy?” A big one lately is, “Why does this even matter?” Our traumatic springtime has left me analyzing all my narratives. Which has thus offered an abundance of unexpected clarity, for which I am grateful.

Now, more than ever, I know precisely what I am best at—giving to others. I am skilled at listening, supporting, processing, strategizing. Like my mom, I am a natural caretaker. I’ll bake you cookies then write you letters. Like my dad, I am an educator. Thrilled by the process of helping illuminate a concept. My spirit is fueled by any opportunity to uplift someone in the midst of their journey.

I am a damn good companion to have nearby. I’ll stay close, but I’ll never get in the way. 

Which brings me to what I’m specifically offering you—a 1 hour video Zoom call wherein we’ll come together during our collectively transformative times. On the call we’ll get acquainted (if we aren’t already), then we’ll shine a light on anything you choose. I’ll offer silence or words in an effort to make sure you feel seen. I’ll nudge you forward. And by allowing me to do this for you, you’ll be doing it for me, too. We are always stronger together. 

This service is free. As in, it costs nothing. And no, there is no catch. No bait and switch. No lure. Aligning schedules may be tricky, but we’ll make it work. If down the road and after a few calls, you want to turn our connection into something more regular and consistent, like ongoing coaching, I’ll have to charge for that. But make no mistake, any revenue-generating component is not my impetus. I merely want to connect. I want you and I to come (virtually) together to navigate and reimagine this moment in time. And I assure you it will make a difference. 

Reach out. I am here. 


Instagram: @tomgriffen

Just me waiting to jump on a Zoom with you!


2 thoughts on “What’s Important? You.

  1. Tom!

    So happy to reconnect with you here. Still working for Jody in Cleveland. Just took on the RXM role and enjoying it. Life turned upside down by Covid. Life is different but headed in the right direction.

    Let’s chat?

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