4 Steps to Your Big Change

Just Because You Want Change Doesn’t Mean You Will Change

Retailers tell me all the time that they want to make ‘a big change’, but rarely do they know what this change looks like. Sure, they exclaim their readiness to rock the boat, but they are too far from water to set sail in the first place.

Often folks think I’ll define this change for them. Unfortunately, this is not possible. The only change I can define, albeit loosely, is my own. Best I can do is throw you in the water (and trust me, I will).

The desire for professional change is pervasive. Your gut correctly senses the need to shake things up, to tweak the status quo, and redirect the industry paradigm. But logic and fear and time and money (and who know what else) keeps anything from growing legs. Change becomes a common talking point, yet remains inert.

Change, in this case, is like a vase perched on a shelf, just out of reach.

And therein lies the illusion—nothing is actually out of reach. Nothing is sitting on that high shelf. In fact, let’s get right down to it—the shelf itself doesn’t even exist.

You need to build that freakin’ shelf before you’ve got space for a vase. The shelf, using this metaphor, is your vision. It’s your why. And it’s informed by your underlying beliefs.

Your vision reflects you—whis is to say, your true personality and value system. It is driven by what revs your engines. It’s fueled by a fire in your belly.

Your vision is best aligned with like-minded things. Certain vendors, employees, customers, inventory, and marketing events will always be on board. On the flip side, there will also be obstacles. Ideas and people who, no matter what you do, never line up.

Don’t sweat it. You can’t please everyone.

Ultimately, you have the power to honor things that matter to you. And when you let them inform your business, you creates a foundation ripe for long-term loyalty.


So yeah, make big changes, and make them often. But make sure you follow four crucial steps:
1. Know exactly why you are making the change
2. Make sure the change aligns with your authentic self
3. Have a sense about how the change will look
4. Communicate the change with genuine enthusiasm

Spoiler—while making big changes, you will run aground a few times before crossing the vast sea. But each failure draws you closer to success. So celebrate them, too.



Tom Griffen is a highly sought after trainer and presenter whose message transcends industries. He’ll help you raise the bar while you reinvent your business.

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