You Love When it Happens

Just imagine…you visit a café for the first time and the entire experience, from start to finish, is top-grade. Not just better than usual, not merely a stand-out or interesting one-off, but a genuine moment in time loaded with connection, authenticity, and professionalism.

Feels good, huh?

You leave the place with a feeling of joy. One you might even downplay because…how can a retail shopping experience influence so much joy, for crying out loud? It almost seems ridiculous that spending money on coffee (or whatever) can have such a profound effect on your psyche.

But it does.

Now imagine your next visit to the same café. This time it’s less engaging. Less memorable. The experience failed to reach the high bar previously set. Overall, it was pretty much average. You may have even found yourself participating with a touch of regret.

And that’s a bad word.

There are countless reasons why a customer service interaction might resonate positively. An authentic connection touches our heart. It might even make us emotional.

For a brief second, we fall in love.

People who understand this have an opportunity to generate happiness. All freaking day long.

That’s power.

During the day, in one way or another, you interact with people. And since you are human, you know how good it feels to be the recipient of (or participant in) a quality interaction. Though our world makes it easy to focus on ourselves, some intentionally on your part can literally change the world.

Your good vibe will create more good vibes.

I challenge you to bring your loving self front-and-center. This doesn’t mean you fake your personal reality. Instead, turn your attention to others, allow yourself to cross their paths. This is you giving yourself fully to the world. It’s as easy as saying hello. Or helping someone cross the street.

This openness is love. If you practice it, you’ll be happier. If you incorporate it into your business, it will be more successful.

As you do this don’t be surprised if you discover amazing things about others while simultaneously discovering yourself.

Love is the fuel that recharges our appetite for life. We are all hungry for it.



Tom Griffen is a highly sought after presenter and educator whose message and impact transcends industries. He’ll help you (and your team) alter your personal narrative in a way that adds joy, satisfaction, and overall success to your life. Contact him to make the change you’re ready to make.

Coming soonPurposeful Vulnerability, Tom’s book on altering the narrative you’ve been telling yourself for years.

Also…More to come on Tom’s 2018 storytelling walk across the USA.

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