Appalachian Trail Gear List

Along with everything I’ll be wearing for what looks to be a chilly morning hike this Monday (March 14, 2022), here’s the list of gear I’ll be lugging as I start the Appalachian Trail. I imagine there are many unnecessary and superfluous items, and likely way too many snacks, but this is what I’ve chosen to commit to.

As the weather warms and I get more trail savvy, my pile of gear will drastically diminish and represent only the essentials. Until then, I will happily manage the 30 pounds on my back and appreciate the temporary excess for a touch more comfort, warmth, and calories. Frankly, a 30 pound pack is rather normal for me and feels doggone good. Like a nice heavy hug.


Gossamer Gear Gorilla 50 Backpack (with a sleeping pad as the back “frame”)

Leki trekking poles

TG ball cap

Patagonia raincoat

Patagonia puffy jacket

Sea to Summit pack cover

Biolite headlamp

Prescription glasses/case

A bit of rope

Goal Zero Venture 75 charger (5 iPhone charges!)

Hand warmers

2.5 liters of water

Toiletries: toothbrush/paste, floss, tweezers, tick remover, sunblock

Talenti ice cream canister (all my meals are cold-soak delicacies)

Rockin’ blue spork

Food and snacks for 5 days (basically includes B/Lx2/D and 2 snack packs/day + 1C of trail mix/day)

Katadyn Be Free water filter

Body Glide

Trowel and wipes

Patagonia thermo top and bottom (for sleeping)

OR winter gloves

REI waterproof glove shell (more for warmth than to keep hands dry)

Carhartt beanie

CEP merino socks

Old pair of running shorts (to rock on my laundry days)

Marmot 10 degree sleeping bag in Sea to Summit waterproof sack

ZPacks duplex tent (with 10 lightweight stakes)

Fitch Lumber Tyvek ground pad

AT Thru-Hike Book & Barry Lopez’s Horizon (both are cut as partial copies)

30 lbs. of joy
Me and my shadow – nervous, but in all the right ways.

10 thoughts on “Appalachian Trail Gear List

  1. Tom!! I was so happy to meet and share the first leg of your trek with you. Funny, I was SOOO curious about your (very light) backpack contents – you could have just told me to check out your post. Ha! I hope things are going swimmingly along the way for you.


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