The Way

Taffeta drapes hang from golden rings. A vinyl sunshade fills the window space. The single pane of glass that softens the sound of the waking world outside. Chirps of birds and caws of crows. An occasional car rolling past. A sprinkler to beat the San Diego heat. A jogger’s soft footstrikes doing the same.  The AC kicks on and flutters the frilly ankles of the … Continue reading The Way

Behind My Mask

When I said yes to an employment opportunity in Spokane, I wasn’t seeking a reason to move or close my consulting agency. I adored where I lived and my business was doing just fine. Better still, I was happy. I was making money doing what I truly loved to do—training teams, developing people, and brainstorming innovative futures. But after a long-term on-site gig with a … Continue reading Behind My Mask

Friendly Fire

On January 15, I took a hopper flight from Spokane to Seattle to participate in Belletrist Magazine’s 2020 journal release party at Vermillion in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. As an attending author with work in the new edition, I found myself reading alongside an all-star lineup of fellow writers including David Long, Arlene Naganawa, Greg Jensen, Christopher C. Crew, and more. My piece, Friendly Fire, … Continue reading Friendly Fire