Appalachian Trail Part 1: The Food & Water Plan

The base weight of a well-packed backpack can be ruined by carrying too much food. I’m guilty of having lugged heavy, spacehogging items that should have been left at home. A six pack of beer, small champagne bottles, cases of nutrition bars, cans of chili or soup. Weighty things that certainly taste good and add to the good times, but certainly less smart choices for … Continue reading Appalachian Trail Part 1: The Food & Water Plan


AUDIO OF THIS BLOG POST 1 I have to admit I was a little intimidated by GU‘s invitation to work with their sales team. As a long-time retailer, I worried my one-sided experience would make my messaging less relevant to vendors. Part of me was expecting the room of fifty-plus sales reps from across the country to like at me like, “What the heck could … Continue reading GU-phoria