Reframe Your Apparel Category

An Open Letter (on Apparel) to Specialty Running Store Owners… Dear Owners of American Run Shops, Many of you have asked me how to sell more apparel. Rather than get back to each of you individually, I’m blasting off this form letter with my thoughts on an ever-present topic of frustration in specialty run. Forgive my generalizations and take my comments with a grain of … Continue reading Reframe Your Apparel Category

Meaning is the Magnet

AUDIO OF THIS BLOG POST My undergrad degree is in Anthropology and for a short time in my life I worked as an archaeologist. Not an Indiana Jones type, but an archaeologist nonetheless. I guess you could say I still dabble in discovery. Right now I’m reading a 1200-page book on the history of the British Isles, prehistory to present. This morning I was struck … Continue reading Meaning is the Magnet