i. I don’t run much anymore. This isn’t by choice. I’d still be out there pounding wicked long miles in scorching humidity if it weren’t for a knee injury I sustained while doing, of all things, karaoke. But I shrug it off. Because even if I had a chance to redo my off-key performance, I’d still go through with it. I’d say yes to the DJ as … Continue reading Discovery

Meaning is the Magnet

AUDIO OF THIS BLOG POST My undergrad degree is in Anthropology and for a short time in my life I worked as an archaeologist. Not an Indiana Jones type, but an archaeologist nonetheless. I guess you could say I still dabble in discovery. Right now I’m reading a 1200-page book on the history of the British Isles, prehistory to present. This morning I was struck … Continue reading Meaning is the Magnet