Getting Got

I read a lot. And this year I’ve been devouring books depicting the exploits of various thru-hikers and adventurers. Grandma Gatewood on the AT, Cheryl Strayed on the PCT, Erling Kagge in the sewers beneath New York City. Each hiker’s story, though often on the same trail, is an entirely different experience. I’m currently reading Thirst by Heather “Anish” Anderson. I’ve only just started it—about … Continue reading Getting Got

Musings Over a Van

I’ve recently been thinking a lot about what it means to want a thing. Probably because for the past few weeks I’ve been exploring the options that might successfully move me and my household goods across the nation. Sadly, like everything these days, any transportation-related service isn’t cheap. A U-Haul truck that cost me $3000 when I moved to Spokane in 2020 is currently priced … Continue reading Musings Over a Van

Every Street Spokane: Days 21-25

DAY 21 Today I headed south. Left downtown and climbed up up up along High Drive, Latah Creek to my right. I imagined this land before modern development. Steep bluffs and exposed basalt left behind by prehistoric cataclysmic floods. Bald eagles on bare branches, antlered elk scrubbing through shrubs, marmots anxiously absorbing midday sun. I made a note to learn what this area was named … Continue reading Every Street Spokane: Days 21-25

Every Street Spokane: Days 11-15

DAY 11 These walks are beginning to resemble my ultra training. Back in those days I’d do long runs back-to-back without giving my body the time to fully recover. I’d run twenty-five or so on a Saturday, then a similar distance on Sunday. This would trick my body into thinking I did the two-day total all at once. Some people run 26.2 as a training … Continue reading Every Street Spokane: Days 11-15

Every Street Spokane: Days 1-5

DAY 1 On March 4, 2021, I began walking all the streets in Spokane. Left from my apartment on West First Avenue and walked, my back to the sun, toward Brown’s Addition, the oldest neighborhood in town. I was excited to get this project underway. Brown’s Addition’s spacious and ornate architecture tells the story of its original residents. This is obviously where the money lived. … Continue reading Every Street Spokane: Days 1-5