Testimonials & Clients

“Tom is passionate and dedicated. While I want to retain his service for our company solely, he is worth every penny you would spend to have him work with your team. If you are even asking if you can do it, you should do it!” (Wade P., Fleet Feet Pacific Northwest)

“I’m always searching for personal and professional growth opportunities for my team. Because we can’t send everyone to a conference or trade show, I’ve found bringing Tom G. to us the way to go! He spent a day with our leadership team, another day with our fit associates and a third day visiting each of my 3 stores. Not only do my employees feel invested in but they come away with practical skills to put into practice immediately. Tom’s experience in retail (and in life!) come together in a powerful storytelling presentation and the exercises he facilitated with our team helped us all understand our co-workers at a new level. As a business owner, he is one of my go-to resources for team building!” (Christibeth A., Fleet Feet Nashville)

“TG is a badass retail preacher!” (Jeff O., Fleet Feet Sacramento)

“I’ve been working our sales floor this afternoon and the service KICKS ASS right now. Seriously. We feel like a very well oiled machine. People really took the advice to heart and are putting it to use. It is very cool to see.” (Rod B., Patagonia @ Bend)

“We recently held our national sales meeting. Our industry is facing many challenges, and I want our reps to engage differently with our customers. Tom has been working with many retailers, and his unique background as a specialty store owner, an educator, and a storyteller made him uniquely qualified for this meeting. From the moment Tom was introduced to the room, he took over the audience. His content was very relevant to our sales team, and the team was engaged throughout the meeting. I highly recommend working wth Tom!” (Jon Parker, GU Energy Labs, Senior Regional Sales Manager)

“The day was uplifting and motivating! Your energy and genuine compassion are infectious!” (Sarah, Fleet Feet Cleveland)

“One of the biggest challenges with brick and mortar is sharing our story and connecting with our community and staff to win in retail. You understand that and deliver it well.” (Brian N., Charm City Run)


Fleet Feet: TG has worked at many Fleet Feet retail locations, but also with Fleet Feet Incorporated. Mostly customer service and leadership development. Also workshops and breakouts at their annual conference.

Omega Sports: Customer service and management training.

Pacers Running: Customer service training.

Charm City Run: Customer service training.

Run For Your Life: Customer service training.

Runner’s Roost: Customer service training. Apparel management training.

Patagonia @ Bend: Customer service training.

GU: Sales team gathering. Leadership development.

Asics: Customer service training.

Saucony: Customer service training.

The Running Event (TRE): Various breakouts and workshops covering specialty retail topics (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018).

Nassau Community College (Long Island, NY): Walk Across America keynote.

Crayons to Computers (non-profit): Coaching and consulting.