© Maya Hickman 2016

I am a North Carolina poet with Californian roots. I make my living as a retail educator (website) and freelance writer. I’m big into traveling and long-distance backpacking. I seek out amazing cups of espresso.

I’ve worked as a classroom teacher, corporate trainer, running store franchisee, roofer, Army soldier, Alaskan stevedore, winery cellar worker, forklift operator, tour guide in Germany, warehouse manager, short-order cook at a gay bar, race announcer, visual artist, freelance photographer, writer, caregiver at an animal sanctuary, recreation leader, anthropological research assistant, copy editor, ice cream scooper, voice-over talent, bartender, life coach, and a second-hand junk slinger.

My myriad life experience makes me who I am.

I believe that life is too short to sit back and watch it go by. I prefer to take risks and seek out experiences that make me feel vulnerable. I believe the thrill of life comes when I am on high alert. I don’t intend to be ordinary.

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