November 2016


Art Gorilla

Whenever I take a trip, I bring along small pieces of artwork to leave behind. Over the years, I’ve hung more than 300 pieces around the world; from restaurants to people’s bathrooms, gas stations to telephone poles, they hang waiting to be found. I used to sign the work with a pseudonym, Art Gorilla. Now I use my real name. This project’s intention is to surprise the finder with something fun and interesting to take home.

Now Art Gorilla is the name of my small artwork business. I make art out of whatever I can get my hands on, either stuff from The Scrap Exchange in Durham or things I find along the roadside. Smallish pieces you can tuck in the nooks of your studio apartment or send off to friends in the UK.

My mission is simple — spread happiness through public art. Hopefully the piece you found (or bought) makes you happy.

Recent Art Gorilla drops:

Carrboro NC – March ’17

Tucson AZ – November ’16

Carrboro NC – October ’16

Sacramento CA – July ’16

Mexico City – February ’16

Victor NY – February ’16

Rochester NY – January ’16

Ithaca NY – December ’15

Watkins Glen NY – December ’15

Gettysburg PA – December ’15

Carrboro NC – November ’15

Sample Pieces:

2 thoughts on “Art

  1. I am the proud and curious finder of an art drop. It was dropped at my cafe (Im a Barista) and I split the contents between writing the artist back and the rest is being sent off to my penpal working an organic farm on the northern coast of Cali. She will especially love the photo of the “pig with man” enclosed. Love this idea, so glad I remain curious, in love with all forms of art, communication and spreading smiles to my fellow humans.


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