– For my sister and her two sets of identical twin boys.

The mother told her sons she was sorry
for feeding the babies the mushrooms.
First, a moment of shock. Then the boys
made it clear they were pissed. Reasoning
is tough for a five year old, so they cried
while questioning their mother. Why mama,
why did you give the babies our mushrooms?
How could you? Her face, sympathetic.
Her head slightly cocked. Her hands clasped
together as if holding a tiny frog. She didn’t try
to make an excuse, just gave them the truth—
she forgot they asked for the mushrooms first.
Next time she’ll try to remember to give
them extra, make up for getting none today.
The boys wiped their eyes, looked at each other,
weighed her apology. Then, they returned
to wailing. Screaming, with four arms
punching at the air. Why mama, why why why?

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