BEING VEGAN: Pizza Night

As it happens, Katie and I have been calling Sunday night our pizza night.  Typically we’ve both been either training our asses off or working around the house all day so that come dinner time, we want something quick and easy.  We’ve cheated a bunch and bought pre-made crusts but whatever – it’s all about easy and there are some amazing bake-and-eat crusts out there for us vegans.  Tonight we added a little to the evening and added some shiitake bacon and veggie sausage.  Included of course were also some black olives, daiya cheese (not the best but hey, it does the trick) and some carrot peels for color and it all went down just fine with a bunch of steamed mustard greens and a bottle of Nicolas Pinot Noir 2011.  We started the day with blueberry cornmeal pancakes and espresso…damn it’s tough being vegan!

Sausage, bacon, olives and carrot pizza.  Yep, all vegan.  Don’t hate, it was fucking delicious.


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