BEING VEGAN: Sweet & Spicy Pineapple Coconut

Dude.  Again I say, holy crap.  We are seriously like the best ever at turning a cupboard full of nothing into a freaking royal feast.  Sure we had some veggies, sure we had some noodles, but first glance was not much more than another (delicious, yet boring) stir fry.  Whoopie yahoo and all that.  Nothing to write home or a blog post about.

We started the night off with some great kitchen conversation, music by our favorite local band (Lost in the Trees), and some Bell’s Brewery IPA.  That’s all it takes to make magic in the Griffen-Hume kitchen.

No biggie, just a rave of peanut oil and garlic, the last two carrots, some browning cabbage, the last three bell peppers, some left over tofu and a half eaten pack of vegan sausage, a handful of wrinkling green beans, an old can of coconut milk, some turmeric for color, and a can of crushed pineapple we bought on clearance.  Throw it all over some Thai noodles, drizzle a little vegan Thai hot pepper sauce over it and *BAM* we are floating in our living room above the old milk crate we use as a table.  No seriously, we were actually floating.  Dig it.


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