LIFE: Anniversary Samosa Potatoes, 5.6+

Katie and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary yesterday (9/9) and saw it in with a day filled with fun events.  Yoga in the AM, short day(s) at work, early delicious dinner of homemade samosa potatoes, tomato chutney and green beans and peppers (courtesy of Tom Raynor’s garden) – we opened some presents then packed up some stuff to go indoor rock climbing for our first time.  We wrapped up the evening with a couple beers at Steel String even though our hands were so sore we could barely hold the pint glasses.  Great day.  Just looking at the dinner below makes me ready for this meal again.  It was amazing!

Beers courtesy of Weaver Street Market’s 25th Anniversary celebration last weekend.  Katie won a raffle and brought home a bottle of Mystery Brewing Co.’s “Local Pride” Amber Lager.


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