BEING VEGAN: Veggies are My Savior, I Shall Not Want

Last night a miracle happened in our kitchen.  Not too often can you line up nine different veggies on the counter and 45-minutes later have a 3-course meal – delicious and diverse enough to impress even the most adamant eater of meat.  This happened at our house last night and I’ve been tasked with the job of telling you about it.  I come to share the good news!

The first dish was a basic salad.  Nothing too special here except the greens (and some edible yellow flower petals) had arrived that morning from a local farm.  Lettuce, carrots and some store-bought organic celery.  A little Goddess dressing fired up the palate for course two.

The second dish was a peppered blend of mashed acorn and patty pan squash topped with a dash of cinnamon.  Yep, you’ve never heard of this before because it didn’t exist until yesterday.  You’re welcome.

The main dish was a full-length heavyweight bout.  It was complex enough to make every bite taste different depending on what your tongue was mingling with.  It featured cubed and baked yellow and sweet potatoes topped with a cashew-cilantro-lemon sauce and garnished with red tomatoes.  I know, right!

See the deliciousness below!  Thanks for reading!


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