BEING VEGAN: Too Good to Pass Up

Holy crap.  Sometimes Katie and I really nail a kick-ass dinner without any forethought.  It’s always when we don’t have much time to think about it and are scrapping together whatever is still left in the cupboard and fridge after having neglected shopping for a while.  Tonight we had a can of coconut milk, some kidney beans and a ton of CSA veggies from our double-dose this week.  What’s a couple of vegans to do?  I know, make curry sauce and bean balls!  Of course!

The bean balls were straight out of Veganomicon and totally rock.  It’s basically just a mixture of crushed kidney beans, some tomato paste or (vegan) steak sauce, some spices and wheat gluten.  30-minutes in the oven and bam, bean balls.  We topped them with some left-over homemade spaghetti sauce from last week.  The ones that didn’t get sauced were dipped in Dijon because everything tastes better with Dijon.  Crazy good.

The coconut dish was a conglomeration of a bunch of stuff: minced garlic and jalapeno sauteed in peanut oil, neighborhood fresh yellow potatoes, green beans, celery, carrots, and green bell pepper.  Then I covered the whole thing with garam masala and curry powder, a can of coconut milk and a little water.  Last thing I added was a chopped heirloom tomato for color and coolness.  It all simmered while we made some noodles then piled it all together and went to freaking town.  Jesus H it was stupid good.  See for yourself in these before and after pics.



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