BEING VEGAN: Vegetable Ecstasy

This season I bartered some reflexology for a weekly delivery of fresh veggies from a client’s amazing garden.  For the past month Katie and I have been receiving this Monday bundle in addition to our normal Wednesday CSA.  Needless to say we’ve been positively inundated with fresh produce – giving us the desperate opportunity to quickly take our cooking skills/vegetable pairings to the next level else find a portion of the yield in the compost bin. No bueno.  So far we’ve done this quite well – even if sometimes all three ‘major’ parts of the meal are veggie-based.  But whatever.  We are vegan and we dig this stuff.

From left to right: Cucumber cabbage peanut salad in hot/sweet Thai vinegar sauce…Roasted yellow/red/purple potatoes with beets and rutabaga, spiced with basil, thyme, sage and rosemary…and some steamed carrots, butt-naked.

The next day I ran an 18-miler and killed it. So if you are wondering about the protein/energy content of this meal, well there you go.

Side note – don’t you love our dinner table?



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